About Us

Waterquip Pty Ltd has been trading since 1987. We are a small family business located in Midvale, Perth, Western Australia who supply and repair water pumps, windmills and equipment.  


As the inventors and manufacturers of the Flexi Column system, we can supply any of your requirements; being large or small.   We are a major supplier of Southern Cross windmills.  We stock a large range of parts and complete windmills within the southern cross range.  We carry a small range of Metters parts, and are able to obtain various parts for other branded windmills. 


As agents for Mono Pumps, we can supply and repair solar and submersible pumps. You will also find an abundance of metric and rural pipe and fittings. Whether it be 1 meter or 200 meters of pipe; we are happy to cut it to your requirement.


We are also now a distributor for Alderdice products.


We are now manufacturing a range of Yellowtail parts.